Roll-Up Vacuum Bags

Our roll up storage bags that can be easily compressed without theneed for a vacuum or pump - Ideal for travel, outdoor activities, or around the home.

Roll-Up Storage Bags

The ultimate travel solution for maximising space when on the move – without any need for a vacuum or pump!

Ultimate Storage Solution

Maximise your luggage space with our latest range of Roll Up Vacuum Bags. Specially created with a self-sealing air valve - simply roll by hand to squeeze the air out and create a vacuum.

Ideal for travel or outdoor activities to keep your items compact, organised, and protected.

These are also fully watertight, dirt resistant and odour resistant to keep your items organised and fresh while you are on the move.

Check out our range of sizes


Our Collections of assorted sizes

Our variety packs provide a mixture of all our Roll Up Vacuum Bags sizes.

The following sizes are included in each pack:

  • Small (50x35cm)
  • Medium (60x40cm)
  • Large (70x50cm)

Easy to Use

1. Pack

Open the double zipper and place your folded items into the bag (up to the ‘FILL’ line).

2. Seal

Seal the double zipper using the supplied clip, and repeat several times slowly back and forth.

3. Roll

Starting at the zipper end, roll up the bag slowly (forcing air out from the self-sealing valve on the bottom) until fully compressed.

4. Store

Store in a clean dry environment away from sharp objects.

Why Choose Us?


We make and design our products with the strongest and thickest materials available to ensure long term reliability and durability


Our range of products will help you create up to 4 times more storage space.


Our products are all fully tested and checked to ensure the highest quality before they are sent out.


For peace of mind, we provide a 12 month no-quibble warranty on all our products

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