Cube Vacuum Bags

Our innovative super-sized 3D vacuum storage cubes - Perfect for compressing your bulkiest clothing and soft homeware items for easier storage.

Cube Vacuum Bags

Our range of volume-busting 3D vacuum cubes. The ultimate solution for maximising space and protecting your bulkier items such as duvets, pillows, and winter clothing.

Ultimate Storage Solution

Introducing our innovative Cube Vacuum Bags, our latest range of unique 3D cube- shaped vacuum bags are designed to compress your bulkiest items for maximum storage.

Each cube vacuum bag stores 3-4 times more than their flat vacuum bag equivalents, making them ideal for your largest items such as duvets, pillows, and curtains.

These are also fully watertight, dirt resistant, odour resistant and mould resistant – so they are not only great for storing your items but also protecting them.

Our vacuum bags are available in a full range of sizes: Maxi, Extra Large, and Large.

Check out our range of sizes


110 x 90 x 45cm

Maximise your space with our largest MAXI vacuum cubes. Specially designed especially to accommodate your largest items such as king size duvets, blankets, and pillows.

Be impressed as you watch your items compress down to a fraction of their original size!

Each Maxi cube can store the following: 

  • Kingsize Duvet
  • 6 Pillows
  • 15-20 T-shirts
  • 10-12 Jumpers

Extra Large

100 x 80 x 38cm

Create 80% more space with our popular EXTRA LARGE vacuum cubes. These are the perfect size for your large and bulky items such as double duvets, pillows and towels.

Ideal for storing in a cupboard or wardrobe when compressed - reclaim your valuable storage space while keeping your belongings safe and organised.

Each Extra Large cube can store the following: 

  • Double Duvet
  • 4 Pillows
  • 8-10 Jumpers
  • 10-12 T-shirts


80 x 60 x 32cm

Our LARGE vacuum cubes are a great size for easy and convenient storage of items such as jackets, jumpers, and soft toys.

These bags are perfectly sized for storing in a drawer or wardrobe, or even in your loft or garage. Just think of that additional space you will have created!

Each Large cube bag can store the following:

  • 2 Single Duvet
  • 6 Pillows
  • 8 Cushions
  • 12-15 Jumpers


Our Collections of assorted sizes

Not sure which size you will need? Then perhaps one of our variety packs will be the most suitable for you as each pack provides a range of our popular cube sizes.

Easy to Use

1. Pack

Reach into the bag and open up the bottom to form a rectangular base. Place your folded items into the bag and avoid the ‘KEEP CLEAR’ area).

2. Seal

Seal the double zipper using the supplied clip, and repeat several times slowly back and forth.

3. Compress

Unscrew the valve cap and extract all air using a vacuum cleaner hose, travel pump or an air bed pump.

4. Store

Screw valve cap back on and store in a clean dry environment.

Why Choose Us?


We make and design our products with the strongest and thickest materials available to ensure long term reliability and durability


Our range of products will help you create up to 4 times more space


Our products are all fully tested and checked to ensure the highest quality before they are sent out


We provide a full 12 month no-quibble warranty on all our products for your complete peace of mind !

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