How do I use your vacuum storage bags?

All of our products can easily store clothes and soft furnishings with a simple 4 step process: Pack, Seal, Compress, and Store. Each of our packs include an easy to follow instruction leaflets about each of these steps or you can join our mailing list to receive a detailed digital guide with instructions and tips.

What model of vacuum cleaners are your bags compatible with?

Our products are compatible with all vacuum models to make them simple for everyone to use!

What types of items can I store in your vacuum bags?

Our vacuum storage bags are ideal for storing a wide variety of clothing and soft furnishing items such as bedding, curtains, soft toys, jackets, jumpers, dresses, and more. Sharp and rigid items should be avoided when using our products. Natural materials such as wool and leather can be stored in our bags however they should be removed approximately every 6 months so that the materials don’t loose their integrity.

Can your bags be reused?

Our bags are made of the highest quality double layered materials making them ultra strong, perfect to be reused time and time again.

How long will my items stay compressed in your bags?

Our bags will stay compressed for as long as you need them to! There may be slight loosening of the compression over the years, but this should be very minimal as long as the bags are stored in a clean and dry place away from sharp objects.

Do your bags come with a warranty or guarantee?

We are very confident in our products however to ensure that your purchase is 100% risk free, we offer a year guarantee for the unlikely case that the bags become faulty or damaged within this time.

Simply contact our customer support by email at support@geniespace.co.uk if you need to claim a replacement product.